Njangi Farms is an agricultural investment, management, marketing and Information platform which assists farmers at any scale to access funding, reliable markets, management of their projects and to receive agricultural information and current trends. We assist investors at any scale to find reliable and profitable agricultural ventures to invest in.

We are focused on improving living standards of Africans through sustainable agriculture. We do this by providing a platform for farmers to easily raise funds for their agricultural projects, a reliable market to get these products to customers, a standardized agricultural and project management system in order to standardize agriculture in local communities.


We came up with this platform because we noticed the following problems faced by farmers and local communities

  • Farmers getting access to funding for their projects

  • The difficulties farmers face before getting their produce to the market.

  • Lack of easy, credible and affordable investment platform which cuts accross all categories of individuals.

  • Agriculture in most parts of Africa is unstandardized

  • Most farmers lack information and current trends in the agricultural field

  • Hunger and unemployment in a very rich and fertile continent.



We provide a very easy to access and use online and offline investment platform. We serve as a link between farmers and investors. As an individual farmer or CIG, you can use this platform to get quick access to funding for your agricultural projects. All you need to do is sign up on the system and submit your projects or visit us at our office and submit them manually. We’ll then study these projects and carry out feasibility studies and if the projects are feasible enough, we’ll forward the project to our online investment platform. Investors just by a click will be able to find these projects and invest in them. As easy as that.


We provide an ecommerce and offline market for agricultural produce from farmers. We also provide farmers with agricultural equipment through our market system. We serve as a link between consumers (both small scale and large scale) and farmers in the sense that consumers can easily order for products from any of our platforms and we’ll easily deliver these products to them using our delivery system.


We offer agricultural stock market where any one regardless of capital (ranging from students to big business individuals and professional investors) can easily buy shares. An investors on our platform is able to track the progress of any project they invest in such that at any point in time, they would know how far the project has gone. What are you still waiting for? Invest in a project today and earn more at the end of the project.


We have a team of agricultural experts and project managers to manage any project that is approved on our platform. They monitor and track the progress of each project in order to update investors weekly about the progress of their projects. Our agricultural experts and project managers ensure that all projects are carried out with standardized methods in order to produce maximum yields.


We provide farmers with current and up-to-date information about their various fields of practice. We also serve as a link between the government and farmers to provide them with current government schemes and farmer programs. In our farmer communities, you can easily interact with other farmers in the same category. All you need to do is that each time you encounter a problem, you log in and post your challenge. Our experts and other farmers in that same domain will be able to respond to your challenges and give you all the information you need.